My Relationship with Guacamole

By Noni Wang

Whenever my mom wasn’t around, my father and I secretly gave into fast food temptations especially during our father-daughter strolls around town. Our usual route encountered Taco Johns, two coffee shop, one of the two grocery stores, and a convenience store.  If we didn’t succumb to drinks, then it was the crispy, crunchy, fried “super” potato oles. We’d eat most of it before returning home, but made sure to save enough for my mom so we could say, “You see, we still thought of you,” and hopefully all is forgiven.

Anyway, that’s how I first met guacamole. He was wearing festive green, sitting on a pile of golden oles and squished between two blobs of sour cream.  It wasn’t the most romantic setting with my protective dad watching and all, but he understood the depth of my love when I scooped up the guacamole and plopped him on my side of the plate.

From that point on guacamole was a reliable companion making my life easier by telling me exactly what I should order at restaurants. He held my hand and wiped away my tears through the quesadillas, tacos, and chimichanga incidents and introduced me to a world of new possibilities by topping cheeseburger, omelet, bean soup, crab cake with guacamole.  “I like it on top,” he jokes. However at Brown our relationship hit some bumps as he became more evasive.  He stays for a week at the Vdub and then disappears for two.  We even got into a fight. He says I don’t pay enough attention to him and am cheating on him with the chicken fingers. So this week I listened to his concerns and took advantage of the free panini grill since the Brown chefs decided to serve tomato soup.   I sliced the grilled cheese and guacamole sandwich in two, dipped it in the tomato soup, and our love was rekindled.

What you need:

2 slices of wheat bread

2 slices of white cheddar cheese

1-2 scoops of guacamole.

Lay the cheese and guacamole on top of the bread and place it in a panini grill. Take it out when you see brown lines on the bread. Easypeasy.


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